• Common questions ...

    What time can I get there? Can I come in later?
    The schedule established for the delivery of the keys is between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.
    If you are going to arrive after 7:00 p.m., let us know; We will explain how to collect the keys to your apartment.

    What time are the keys returned? Can i do it before
    The established time to return the keys to the apartment is from 09:00 to 11:00.
    If you have to leave before 09h00 let us know; We will explain the procedure to do it.

    Is it necessary to clean the apartment on the day of departure?
    Please ask that you deposit the garbage in the bins on the street (there is selective collection), put the sheets and towels in the bathtub and leave the kitchen collected with the dishwasher on. Thank you for your cooperation.

    How do you get to the Giberga apartments?
    After the Andorra border, go towards La Massana-Ordino. Once in La Massana, cross the whole town and at the exit continue towards Ordino. Be alert; You will come to a roundabout that leads to L'Aldosa. Turn right towards L'Aldosa; Continue 350 meters until you find the Giberga Apartments.
    Our address is: Apartments Giberga - Carretera de L'Aldosa 25 - AD400 La Massana - Principado de Andorra
    Our GPS coordinates: 42.54654710000001, 1.5248225
    If it comes with GPS, program the fastest route, never the shortest.

    Do you have a charging point for electric cars?
    Yes. We have two covered parking spaces with two charging points: one with a standard connector (16A-3kWh) and the other with a mennekes connector (32A-7kWh).

    Do I have free parking in Giberga apartments?
    Yes. We have 2 free private car parks with enough space for everyone. There is also space for large vehicles such as motorhomes, buses, trucks, trailers, vans, etc ... They have video surveillance.
    If you prefer a closed and covered parking space, request it; It carries a daily supplement of 9 euros (it works very well especially in winter to avoid heavy frost or snow accumulations). Covered parking is free for our motorcycle guests.

    Is the price the same if I book directly with you than through an agency?
    No. By booking with us we always guarantee the best price. Use our booking engine, email, phone, whatsapp or contact forms.

    Can I pay with a credit or debit card? And with my American Express?
    Yes. You can pay with your credit or debit card, but NOT with your American Express card.

    Is there wifi internet in the apartment?
    Yes. You will have a wifi connection in your apartment and common areas: pool, solarium, terrace, playground, park, tennis court, barbecue area, parking lots, etc ... In the living room there is another connection available.

    If I have a problem and your office is closed, what should I do?
    We open every day of the year from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. If you need to contact us for any emergency call the mobile phone that we will provide or use the intercom that connects with the concierge.

    Will you enter the apartment to clean and change the sheets and towels?
    No. We are not a hotel. Your apartment is clean, with the beds made and a set of towels for each person who will occupy the apartment. If you need more stop by our office. For stays of more than 7 nights a cleaning of the apartment is planned, without the kitchen, with change of sheets and towels. We will agree with you the day and time to enter your apartment.

    Is there central heating in the apartment? And air conditioning?
    Yes, the Giberga Apartments have biomass heating (sustainable and low polluting). They do not have air conditioning; we are located in the mountains at 1300 meters high; as a general rule, it is not necessary. If on any day of the summer it is hot in your apartment please ask us for a fan.

    Are dogs and other pets allowed?
    Some apartments are reserved for clients traveling with their dog. The daily supplement is 9 euros. We will put a tray for food and drink. Please let us know whenever you come with your dog or pet. Thank you.

    Do you have cots and highchairs or should I bring mine?
    We have cots at your disposal. The supplement per day is 5 euros. Highchairs, mixers, baby bathtubs, etc ... we will lend it to you without supplement.

    Are there non-smoking apartments? And not pets?
    Yes. We have apartments reserved for people who are non-smokers or allergic to dogs, cats, etc ... Make it known in your reservation.

    Is smoking allowed in the apartments?
    There are apartments where smoking is allowed and apartments where smoking is not allowed. Please communicate any preference in this regard. In any case, we thank all of our smoking clients who, whenever possible, smoke outside the apartment, on the balcony for example. Thanks for your understanding.

    Are there hairdryers in the rooms?
    Yes. A hairdryer is available in the bathroom of each apartment.

    Is it cheaper to book directly with you?
    Yes. By booking through our website we guarantee the best price and we can also better adapt to your preferences and / or needs.

    Is there a washing machine in the apartment?
    No. To wash your clothes you will have a 24-hour laundry that has a washer and dryer. Both work with coins. The cost of a wash is 3.50 euros and the cost of drying 2 euros. The washing machine automatically applies detergent and fabric softener; you will not need to buy it.

    Does my apartment have nice views?
    Each apartment has a balcony with very nice and clear views.

    There is an elevator?
    No. Our building does not have an elevator. Your apartment will be on the first, second or third floor. If you have any preference in this regard, please do not hesitate to let us know when making your reservation. We will try, if possible, to satisfy it.

    ¿Is there any space enabled to take my dog to relieve himself?
    Yes. We have a dog area at your service.

    Do you have an outdoor area where I can go eat?
    Yes. At your disposal a picnic and barbecue area. Make your barbecue with family or friends.

    Can I store my bicycle in the apartment?
    Yes. We have no problem keeping your bike in the apartment. We only ask that you be careful with the walls and furniture. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you still have a bike-friendly area with a cleaning and maintenance area and closed cabinets to store your bike.

    Do I have to pay to play tennis on your court? And for going to the pool?
    No. Both facilities are at your disposal. If you do not bring your material we will lend it to you.

    Do you have a sauna, indoor pool and gym?
    No, in our facilities, but 1 kilometer away is the Ordino Sports Center that has all these services. Reserve your tickets at reception. The price in low season is 3 euros and 6 euros in high season (children under 6 years have free admission).

    Are you close to the Vallnord and Grandvalira ski slopes? Is there a free bus to go?
    Yes. Andorra is geographically very small and the Giberga apartments are strategically located in the center of the country, therefore, close to everything. The La Massana gondola lift, located just two kilometers away, gives access to the Pal and Arinsal (Vallnord) ski slopes. The Ordino Arcalís ski slopes are 15 ksm away. And the Funicamp, Grandvalira ski slopes, 7 kms. To go to the La Massana gondola there is a free bus from / to the door of your apartment; There is also a free bus to go to Ordino Arcalís. To go to Grandvalira you need your own car. The combination of buses is not practical.

    Does it have a balcony? The scenery is beautiful?
    All Giberga apartments have a balcony with splendid views.

    Is the building adapted for people with reduced mobility?No.

    Can we leave our luggage somewhere and pick it up in the afternoon to take advantage of the day in Andorra?
    Yes. You can leave your checked luggage at reception. There is no cost.

    I frequently go skiing in Andorra, is there any place to leave my ski equipment?
    Yes. Safe lockers are available to store your ski equipment. There is no cost.

    Is there a tourist office near my apartment?
    Yes. There is a tourist office in Ordino and another in La Massana: 2 kilometers away. We will also inform you at our reception and reserve the activities of your interest.

    I'm going to work in Andorra for a few months, any cheap apartment or studio?
    Yes. Our economic studies are very good for people traveling for work or for long stays.

    Can you book me the bus from / to Barcelona airport?
    Yes. Request this service by contacting us directly by phone, email or whatsapp.

    Is VAT included in the rental price?
    VAT does not apply in Andorra. The price we provide is the price to pay. There is nothing to add.

    Are there beautiful landscapes?
    Yes. The Giberga apartments have spectacular views; a beautiful mountain landscape.

    Is the reception open all day?
    No. It opens every day from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. We will provide you with a phone number to contact us if you have an emergency outside these hours. There is also an intercom that connects directly to the custodian's house. Please only use in emergencies. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Included in the rental price

    Water, electricity, heating, Wi-Fi internet, ski locker, bike box and cleaning and preparation area for bicycles, outdoor parking, reading room, TV room.
    In summer: outdoor pool, playground, playground, boules, tennis court, ping pong, bar-terrace and solarium.
    If you bring an electric car, covered and closed parking with charging point.
    Broom, dustpan, mop, kitchen cleaning kit, a roll of toilet paper.
    Home appliances, utensils and kitchenware.
    The apartment is clean on arrival, with one set of towels per person and beds made.
    For stays of more than 7 nights, a cleaning of the apartment, except kitchen, with change of sheets and towels.

  • Services available with a supplement

    Pet 9€/day — Indoor car park 9€/día — Cot 5€/day — Late check out 25€ — Extra toilet paper roll 0.50€ — Washing machine (1 whash) 3,50€ — Dryer (1 dry) 2€

  • Pet regulations

    1. At all times you will be responsible for your pet and its behavior. You should be well educated and not disturb the rest of the tenants with their barking.
    2. Except inside your apartment, you must always go on a leash; especially on the common stairs to access your apartment.
    3. You will not be able to access the pool, grassy playground, playground, and children's playroom.
    4. If you are staying alone in the apartment, please provide the reception with a contact phone in case of any problem.
    5. Please do not sleep in bed with your dog ; We will leave a blanket for this purpose. Also, do not allow it to climb onto armchairs and other furniture. Thank you for taking care of our facilities.
    6. Any damage, disorder or hygiene problem caused by your pet may incur additional charges on your card.
    7. Please, collect your excrement and avoid urinating on the facade of the building, parking lots and outdoor furniture.
    9. When making your reservation, always communicate that you come with a pet; We will assign you an apartment where they are admitted.
    10. Ask at reception for information on pet-friendly restaurants and / or childcare services.
    11. You will have a specific walking area for pets to do their needs. It should be carried on a leash and collect stools. La Massana's ordinances oblige it.
    12. Your pet must have the corresponding veterinary certifications and a passport. It is also convenient to have insurance.
    13. You are aware of all these rules when making the reservation and accept and respect them.
    14. We will provide you with a tray for food and water.
    15. If more than one pet, always contact us in advance to request our authorization.

  • About cleaning your apartment

    We deliver the apartment to you clean and checked by our housekeeper.
    If when you enter the apartment you find something that is not correct or clean, please notify the reception so that we can correct it.
    Once in your apartment, cleaning is at your expense; There are cleaning supplies and utensils.
    Please, keep and keep the apartment in good condition and deposit the garbage in the containers.
    On your departure day we will go to check it.
    For stays of more than 7 nights a free cleaning of the apartment is included, without the kitchen, with change of sheets and towels.

  • Standards of behavior

    Thank you for respecting the silence between 10:00 and 10:00.
    No parties or meetings can be held in the apartment that causes inconvenience to other tenants.
    Drug use is prohibited in apartments and common areas.
    In case of repeated complaints of excessive noise or annoying behavior, we reserve the right to evict you from your apartment and / or notify the police, without refund of the payment made or the deposit.

  • About arrival day

    The client must pay upon arrival the pending invoice and a deposit of € 100 in cash or by credit card to guarantee the proper use and care of the apartment, furniture and fixtures. This deposit, which will be returned upon departure after checking the correct condition of the apartment. You must present an identification document (DNI or passport) of each and every person who will occupy the apartment. Our office hours are from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00, every day of the week. On the day of arrival, you can occupy the apartment after 3:00 p.m. If you arrive before that time and the apartment is ready, we would have no problem giving you the keys. Check with us. If you are going to arrive after 7:00 p.m., let us know. We will explain how to collect the keys to your apartment.

  • On the day of departure

    On the day of departure you must leave the apartment before 11.00. Notify reception in case of delay. You can leave in the afternoon, when our availability allows it and always before 7:00 pm, paying 25 euros. Ask at reception.

    We will review your apartment, we appreciate this clean and collected, without garbage, with sheets and towels in the bathtub.

    We will proceed to refund the deposit of 100 euros after this review.

  • About the wifi internet

    At Apartaments Giberga we offer free wifi internet connection, shared with other users. It is a hotel wifi with restrictions on use and consumption. Please read this page carefully. We are aware of how essential and vital the internet is in these times and we continually invest to improve its quality.


    The available bandwidth is NOT unlimited. It is distributed at all times among all connected users.

    The maximum download traffic limit is 2Mbps; the upload 5Mbps. These traffic limits are sufficient for normal use of the network: web browsing, email, whatsapp, social networks, etc ...

    We cannot guarantee flawless internet access. There are several factors that are not related to Apartaments Giberga: the specificities of your computer, tablet or smartphone, its location in relation to the antennas, the number of connected users, their use of the network, the bandwidth served by the telecommunications company, etc ... Thank you for your understanding.

    The contracted bandwidth is NOT fixed. The telecommunications company does not guarantee a fixed bandwidth. It fluctuates according to the total demand for resources in the country. We cannot therefore guarantee either the access speed or the data transmission speed. Thanks for your understanding.

    Please disable your P2P connections and avoid downloading movies, music, online games, video streaming, online TV and any other use that requires a lot of resources. They negatively affect the stability of the network.


    Minors require the authorization of their parents and / or legal representatives to access and use Wi-Fi internet services. It is therefore your exclusive and sole responsibility to control and decide the appropriate content or services for the minors in your care.


    You accept and acknowledge that there are potential risks when connecting to the internet through a wifi service. You should be careful when transmitting credit card numbers, passwords, or other sensitive personal information. Apartamentos Giberga cannot guarantee the privacy and security of your data and communications.


    Apartaments Giberga is not responsible for lost, unsaved data, messages or pages or delays due to interruptions or service performance problems.

    Apartaments Giberga does not provide technical or technological assistance, nor power supplies. This does not prevent you from consulting us in case you have any problem. We will always look for the reason and if possible we will help you solve it.

    Norms and control

    The wifi internet service is a free service that can be interrupted by causes beyond our wifi infrastructure. In no case will such interruptions give the right to claims and / or compensation of any kind.

    Apartaments Giberga can establish limit, suspend, block and / or restrict access to services or domains susceptible to fraud or breach of national or international laws.

    You will NOT be able to use our Wi-Fi network to carry out activities contrary to the law and / or for illicit or harmful purposes of rights and interests of third parties.

    Any use that damages, disables, deteriorates or overloads our wifi internet service is NOT allowed.

    The access or use of documents and files contained in the equipment connected to our network is NOT allowed. Apartamentos Giberga declines any responsibility in this regard.

    It is NOT allowed to view, download or exchange content that violates intellectual or industrial property rights, or that infringe copyright

    It is NOT allowed to view, download or exchange content that supports terrorism, racism, incites violence or other illegal behavior

    Viewing, downloading or exchanging pornographic material is NOT allowed. In the event that our control systems detect pedophile content, we will immediately report it to the specialized services of the Andorran police

    The user agrees to:
    - not to use defamatory, threatening language or against the privacy or image of people.
    - not to access another person's files without authorization or violate security measures (hacking) .
    - Do not transmit viruses, worms or Trojans.
    - Do not make fraudulent use of the IP address provided by our router.

    The users of our Wi-Fi network, from the moment they connect for the first time, declare that they know and accept these rules and conditions of use, and agree to comply with the guidelines and / or restrictions that we implement.

  • About your reservation

    To confirm a reservation we will request the details of a credit or debit card (we do not accept American Express).

    As a general rule, the payment of the invoice will be made upon arrival at the time of handing over the keys.

    Some rates in certain periods (for example New Years Eve, 1st fortnight of August, events ...) or that carry a special offer or price will be defined as "non-refundable". This implies the early collection of all or part of the rental amount, an amount that will not be refunded in the event of insufficiently motivated cancellation at the discretion of our Management.
    During the reservation process you will be informed of this non-reimbursable condition. Book with ease.

    In periods of high season, high demand or at the discretion of our Management, Apartamentos Giberga reserves the right to verify the authenticity of your card details.

  • Cancellation policy

    If you cancel your reservation up to 5 days before the date of entry, no charge will be made.
    If you cancel after the deadline, 50% of the total rental amount will be charged.
    If the day of arrival is not shown, no show, the total amount of the stay will be charged.

    This general policy will not be applicable to those non-refundable reservations or with specific cancellation conditions. Please always consult the information reflected in your reservation.