We thank you for taking the time to read or consult the conditions of renting one of our apartments. They are assumed to be accepted from the moment a reservation has been confirmed. We remain at your disposal for any clarification or extension of information. Do not hesitate to contact us. Greetings from the whole team Giberga

Included in the price

Water, electricity, heating, internet wifi, ski locker, bike box and cleaning area and preparation for bicycles, outdoor parqueting, reading room, TV room. In summer: outdoor pool, playground, playground, petanque grounds, tennis court, ping pong, bar-terrace and solarium. Broom, dustpan, mop, kitchen cleaning kit, roll of toilet paper. Appliances and utensils and kitchenware.     The apartment is clean on arrival, with a set of towels per person and beds made. For stays of more than 7 nights, a cleaning of the apartment, except kitchen, with change of sheets and towels.

Not included in the price

Pets 9€ per day — Indoor car park 8€ per day — Cot 5€ per day — Safe deposit box1€ per day — Late check out 25€ — Roll of extra toilet paper 0.50€ — Washing machine (1 wash) 3,50€ — Dryer (1 dry) 2€


The apartment is delivered clean and in perfect condition. If on entering your apartment you find something that is not to your liking, please communicate it at the reception so that we can correct it. We put all our zeal in the cleaning and preparation of the apartments; If something is not correct, we will automatically solve it. This is a very important issue for us. Then, the renters will clean the apartment during the stay; there are utensils and cleaning utensils in the apartment. The tenant agrees to keep and keep the accommodation in good condition. Please, on the day of departure deposit the garbage in the containers and leave the apartment collected. In stays of more than 7 nights a free cleaning of the apartment is included, without the kitchen, with change of sheets and towels.

Behavioral norms

We strongly urge tenants to respect the rest of the tenants between 10:00 pm and 10:00 am. No parties or meetings can be held in the apartment that cause inconvenience to the rest of the tenants. Drug use in apartments and common areas is prohibited. In case of repeated complaints from other tenants of excessive noise or annoying behavior, we reserve the right to evict you from your apartment and / or notify the police, without refund of the payment made or the deposit. Confirmation of the reservation on your part presupposes the acceptance of these rules.

Check in and check out

The client must provide on arrival the payment of the outstanding invoice and a deposit of € 100 in cash to guarantee the proper use and care of the apartment, furniture and furnishings. This deposit will be returned on departure after checking the correct condition of the apartment. You must present an identification document (ID or passport) of each and every person who will occupy the apartment. Our office hours are from 09h00 to 13h00 and from 15h00 to 19h00, every day of the week. The day of arrival can occupy the apartment from 15h00. If he arrived before that time and the apartment was ready, we would not mind giving him the keys. Check with us. If you are going to arrive after 7:00 pm, let us know. We will explain how to pick up the keys to your apartment. On the day of departure you must leave the apartment before 11.00. Please notify reception in case of delay. You can leave in the afternoon, when our availability allows and always before 7:00 pm paying 25 euros. Check at reception.


Over your booking

To confirm a reservation we will ask for the data of a credit or debit card (we do not accept American Express).
As a general rule, the payment of the invoice will be made on arrival at the time of delivery of keys.
Some rates for special periods (End of Year, 1st half of August, special events ...) are non-refundable and can lead to prepayment of part or all of the rental amount. The customer will always know this condition before, during and after making the reservation; the booking process will keep you informed of everything. Book now with peace of mind.
In periods of high season and/or high demand, Apartaments Giberga reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the data of its card.

Check in Check out

On the day of arrival you will be able to occupy the apartment from 15h00. If the apartment was ready before that hour, we would have no problem in handing you the keys. Always contact us.
If you are going to arrive after 7:00 pm, let us know. We will explain how and where to pick up the keys to your apartment.
We remind you that our office hours are from 09h00 to 13h00 and from 15h00 to 19h00, every day of the week.
On the day of departure you must leave the apartment before 11.00. Please advise reception if you can not adjust to these hours.
If you request it, you can leave in the afternoon, always before 19.00, paying the amount of € 25 per apartment (this service is subject to availability, always check at reception).

Upon arrival, please plan

The payment of the pending invoice.
A deposit of 100 € in cash to guarantee the good use and care of the apartment, furniture and furnishings, which will be refunded on the day of departure once the correct condition of the apartment has been checked. This deposit will not be necessary if you confirm the reservation with the data of a bank card.
Identity document, DNI or passport, of each and every one of the persons who will occupy the apartment (Llei 8/2012, of the 17 of May of modification of the general Llei of the allotjament tourist of the 30 of June of 1998).

Cancellation policy

If you cancel your reservation up to 4 days before the date of entry, no charge will be made.
If canceled later, the amount of the first night will be charged.
If the expected arrival date is not shown, no show will be charged the full amount of the stay.
* This general policy will not be applicable to those non-refundable reservations with special cancellation conditions.

Best price guaranteed

Book with confidence from our own website:; We guarantee you the lowest price available. If once you have made your reservation directly with us, you find that, with the same conditions of your reservation, you find a lower price in another web, contact us; We will match that price and add an extra 5% discount.

Wifi internet

Information, conditions and rules

At Apartaments Giberga we offer free Wi-Fi internet connection, shared with other users. It is a hotel wifi with restrictions of use and consumption. Please read this page carefully. We are aware of the essential and vital that the internet is in these times and we invest continuously to improve its quality.


Available bandwidth is NOT unlimited. It is distributed at all times among all connected users.

For each user the maximum limit of downloading traffic is 2Mbps; uploading traffic is 5Mbps. These traffic limits are sufficient for normal use of the network: web browsing, email, whatsapp, social networks, etc ...

We can not guarantee faultless internet access. There are several factors that are unrelated to Apartaments Giberga: the specifics of your computer, tablet or smartphone, their location in relation to the antennas, the number of users connected, the use they are making of the network, the bandwidth served by the telecommunications company, etc ... Thank you for your understanding.

The contracted bandwidth is NOT fixed. The telecommunications company does not guarantee us a fixed bandwidth. It fluctuates according to the total demand of resources in the country. We can not guarantee neither the speed of access nor the transmission of data. Thanks for your understanding

Please disable your P2P connections and avoid downloading movies, music, online games, videostreaming, online TV and any other use that requires a lot of resources. They affect negatively the stability of the network.


Minors need authorization from their parents and / or legal representatives to access and use the wifi internet services. It is therefore their sole responsibility to control and decide the contents or services suitable for the minors in their charge.


You accept and acknowledge that there are potential risks when you connect to the internet through a wifi service. You should exercise caution when transmitting credit card numbers, passwords, or other sensitive personal information. Apartamentos Giberga can not guarantee the privacy and security of your data and communications.


Apartaments Giberga is not responsible for lost data, messages or pages, not saved or delays due to interruptions or problems of service performance.

Apartaments Giberga does not provide technical or technological assistance or power supplies. This does not prevent you from consulting us in case you have any problems. We will always look for the reason and if possible we will help you to solve it.

Standards and control

The Wi-Fi internet service is a free service that can be interrupted by causes beyond our wifi infrastructure. In no case will these interruptions give rise to claims and / or compensation of any kind.

Apartaments Giberga may establish limit, suspend, block and / or restrict access to services or domains susceptible to fraud or breach of national or international laws.

Our Wi-Fi network may not be used to carry out activities that are contrary to the law and / or for illegal purposes or harmful to third parties' rights and interests.

NO use is allowed that damages, disables, deteriorates or overloads our internet service.

The access or use of documents and files contained in the equipment connected to our network is not allowed. Apartamentos Giberga declines any responsibility in this regard.

It is NOT allowed to view, download or exchange content that infringes the right of intellectual or industrial property, or infringe copyright.

It is NOT permissible to view, download or exchange content that promotes terrorism, racism, incite violence or other illegal behavior

NO viewing, downloading or exchanging pornographic material is allowed. In the event that our control systems detect content of pedophile nature, we will report it immediately to the specialized services of the Andorran police

The user agrees to:
- Not to use defamatory, threatening or against the privacy or image of people.
- Not to access unauthorized files of another person or to violate security measures (hacking).
- Do not transmit viruses, worms or Trojans.
- Do not make fraudulent use of the IP address provided by our router.

Users of our Wi-Fi network, from the moment they connect for the first time, declare to know and accept these rules and conditions of use, and agree to comply with the guidelines and / or restrictions that we implement.